As moms, I think we all tend to think our experiences with our children are extraordinary. I’m no different.

We have our struggles, our hilarious moments, and our triumphs, even if they come in the smallest form of a child finally eating a vegetable without some major negotiation on what outlandish reward will follow. I’m here to talk about mine. And I hope in doing so, maybe make your day a little brighter along the way. Or at least help you to feel less alone in this thing. Because, let’s be honest, us moms with little (or big, or any) kids, need all the help we can get. And even when you’re surrounded by tiny people all day, motherhood can be extremely lonely and isolating.

I am a divorced, single mom of three. Single in the very literal sense of the word meaning these kids get me and only me all day, errry damn day. Our days are filled with endless shit shows displayed as kid arguments, tantrums, sports, clubs, school, activities, and cleaning up every (avoidable) mess left along the way. I tend to think my kids are pretty damn interesting. Maybe because they are mine, maybe because they really are. I guess we will find out!

For years people have been reading my social media posts and telling me that I should blog. I recently decided to take on that challenge because not so long ago my child revealed to me that he identifies as transgender. The experience itself was overwhelming and emotional but also amazing and inspiring. His strength and bravery brought me so much pride, but also fear because the world is not always an understanding or forgiving place. My son deciding to live as his true self has brought on countless changes in our family as well as with my child and because I live pretty openly, I’m using this as a platform to document our journey. I share the good and the bad of all things divorce, parenting, motherhood and what it’s been like (for me) raising a young trans child. I hope to be able to show other parents in my situation that they are not alone. That someone out there understands their struggles and their accomplishments, no matter the size, because many of our experiences are so freakishly similar, albeit completely different at the same time.

If I can bring some hope, education, insight or empathy to one family or even one person along the way, then I feel every one of my tears, sleepless nights, or hilarious adventures has been worth it all in the end. We are all in this parenting thing together, let’s try to help each other out, ya know?

Mom Transparenting

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